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A bailiff is difficult to recognise. You cannot see from their clothing, for example. But a bailiff must always be able to show identification. You can ask a bailiff for identification to ensure that you are dealing with a real bailiff.


A bailiff is a public official who is appointed by the Crown. All bailiffs are members of the Royal Dutch Organisation of Bailiffs (KBvG). The KBvG sets strict requirements that each bailiff must meet, as well as quality standards that each bailiff must follow. Abuse of authority is punished through disciplinary action or even dismissal from office in a serious situation. The bailiff is then no longer authorised to act as a bailiff.


Verify the bailiff - perform the check

Each bailiff is listed in a register. You can therefore easily check whether you are dealing with a real bailiff or a fraudster. This can be done by visiting the website and entering the bailiff’s details there. You will immediately see whether the bailiff is registered.


Bailiffs also always make use of third-party accounts, thus not accounts in a specific person’s name. Also be alert in this regard.

If you are visited by a bailiff, give yourself the time to determine who you are actually speaking to. You can always make an appointment with a real bailiff if there is a problem.

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