Protected earnings level

An overview of frequently asked questions:

What is the protected earnings level?

The protected earnings level is the part of your income that cannot be attached. The bailiff can attach your salary or benefits. Formally speaking, the bailiff serves a notice of garnishment in execution. Your employer or benefits agency is obliged to withhold a portion of your income. This portion is not paid to you; it is paid to the bailiff instead.

If you have a permanent address in the Netherlands, your full income cannot be attached. Part of your income will be paid to you. This is called the protected earnings level.

Can the bailiff attach all my income?

No, the bailiff cannot attach all your income. That is laid down in law in the Netherlands. A certain part of your income will be paid to you. This is the ‘protected earnings level’ and it differs for everyone because of their income and expenditure.

Can my holiday allowance be attached?

Yes, it can. The holiday allowance is added to your income. The amount of your income that exceeds the protected earnings level will be withheld.

What should I do if my bank account is attached?

The bank will block your bank account(s) because of the attachment. You will obviously want to have access to your funds again as soon as possible. You can therefore ask the bank to send us a third-party statement as quickly as possible. The bank confirms how much money was in your bank account(s) at the time of the attachment in this statement. This is the quickest way to gain access to your bank account(s) again. Important: the bank officially has 28 days to send this third-party statement to us.

What should I do if my minor child has debts and there is a threat to attach my assets?

As a parent, you are liable for your minor child who is younger than 18. As this unfortunately includes any debts that your child has incurred, your assets may be attached. You can prevent the attachment by paying the claim. If you are unable to pay the amount all at once, it may be possible to make a payment arrangement. Contact us for this purpose.

What is my protected earnings level?

We determine a social assistance benefit level depending on your situation. This amount depends on your family composition, as well as your age and whether you have any children.

Calculate your personal protected earnings level here.

Am I obliged to give my partner’s income details?

If you or your partner have other income besides the income that is attached, you must declare this to the bailiff. This applies even if you are not married, or if you are married under a prenuptial agreement.

It is important to declare your partner’s income if this is requested. If you fail to do so, we may decide to reduce your protected earnings level by half. This will mean that you will not receive a larger portion of your income because it will be withheld.

Important: give notice of any changes

If your family situation, your income or your partner’s income changes, your protected earnings level may also change. For this reason, always give us notice of any changes. If necessary, we will adapt the protected earnings level. You can contact us for a further explanation.

If you have financial problems that you cannot resolve yourself, seek help. Find out from your municipality which agencies can assist you.

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