Help me find a solution

We are here to find a solution together with you, in order to reach a debt-free outcome. It is important to always make contact, so we can look for a solution together.


We recommend that you always make contact with us. We are prepared to help and search for a solution together. Make a payment arrangement with us and comply with it. It is important that you ask for help quickly if you cannot make payment. It is wise to analyse your financial situation or have an expert do it for you. A wealth of information can be found on the National Institute for Budget Information (Nibud) website, which also includes tips. Avoid further problems by speaking to someone about this and taking action.

Making payment arrangements

It is possible to make a payment arrangement in some cases, enabling you to pay in instalments. We will assess whether this is possible in consultation with the creditor (the organisation you must still pay for a supplied product or service). You can propose a payment arrangement by logging into Uwdossier-online. The file and account number is needed for login and can be found in the letter you have received from us. You also need a valid e-mail address. How to login via Uwdossier-online is explained here, and can also be found in the letter you have received from us.
You can also propose a payment arrangement by e-mail. Send the request to ..., specifying your file number.

I cannot pay

There are a number of debt counselling agencies in the Netherlands that can assist you with your problems.

We will need proof of your registration with a debt counselling agency or an application for admission under the Debt Management (Natural Persons) Act (WSNP). Send this proof by fax or e-mail (...) to us. Always state your file number.

As registration at a debt counselling agency does not mean that you no longer have to pay, always try to make a payment arrangement with us. This namely shows that you want to pay and are searching for a solution.

Debt counselling agencies

Have you lost perspective of your financial situation? Can you no longer manage to pay your accounts on time? There are a number of debt counselling agencies in the Netherlands that can help you with these problems.

Debt counselling

Municipalities are obliged to provide debt counselling. This does not mean that they take over your financial situation, but rather that they help you find a solution. The municipality can act as an intermediary on your behalf, for example. The municipality can also provide guidance to help you get your affairs in order. Contact your municipality to find out more about the options in your area.


Stadsbank helps people to get their financial affairs in order. It does this by giving a loan in exchange for collateral, which can include items such as gold, silver, jewellery, sound systems or cameras. By giving these items to Stadsbank on loan, you immediately receive money. This enables you to pay outstanding accounts. Stadsbank is a municipal agency that operates on a non-profit basis. Contact your municipality to find out more about the available options.


Nibud is an independent foundation with a lot of information and advice about finances. Information on the website includes topics such as borrowing, debts, getting by and saving. Nibud also helps you with budget tips and calculation tools.

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