You have a complaint

Although we do everything possible to perform all our work with the utmost care, it is possible that you may have a complaint against Janssen & Janssen Incasso & Gerechtsdeurwaarders, its members or one of its employees.

Complaints can be made about how Janssen & Janssen Incasso & Gerechtsdeurwaarders or one or more of its employees has or have acted towards the complainant in a specific matter.

Examples may include rude behaviour, slow progress, breach of privacy for which no legal proceedings have been initiated, a failure to provide information or a failure in communication. The functioning of Janssen & Janssen as an organisation can also be included in this, even if the conduct in question cannot simply be traced back to a specific person.

Janssen & Janssen has established an internal complaints procedure for this purpose, as prescribed by law. This procedure sets out how you can submit a complaint and what procedure will be followed in order to deal with the merits of your complaint.

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