Help in your financial situation

Are you overwhelmed by your financial situation?Can you no longer manage to pay your accounts on time?There are a number of debt counselling agencies in the Netherlands that can help you with these problems.


Stadsbank helps people to get their financial affairs in order. It does this by providing credit on the basis of security. By pledging assets, it is possible to have money immediately available to pay outstanding accounts. Stadsbank is a municipal agency that operates on a non-profit basis. Contact your municipality for the best advice on the options in your area.


Debt counselling

Municipalities are obliged to provide debt counselling. This does not mean that they take over your financial situation, but rather that they help you find a solution. By way of example, the municipality can act as an intermediary on your behalf. The municipality can also provide guidance to help you get your affairs in order. Contact your municipality to find out more about the options in your area.

The website provides insight into what is and is not legally possible. There is a considerable amount of legislation on debt problems. This leads to complicated information. This website is specifically aimed at debt counsellors, so that they can properly assist people with debts.

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