Calculate your protected earnings level

The bailiff has notified you that your salary or benefits have been attached. Formally speaking, the bailiff has served a notice of garnishment in execution.


Protected earnings level

Based on the aforementioned notice of garnishment, your employer or benefits agency is obliged to withhold a portion of your income and no longer pay it to you. This portion of your income will be paid to the bailiff.


If you are domiciled or permanently residing in the Netherlands, your entire income will not be garnished. A portion of your income will be paid out to you. This is called the protected earnings level.

The bailiff will calculate this protected earnings level. He will require a number of details relating to your income and expenditure for this purpose. It is therefore important that you provide these details to the bailiff as soon as possible. It is only then that the bailiff can make a proper calculation of the protected earnings level that applies to you. The details that you must provide include how much rent you pay and the amount of your health insurance premium. You must also indicate any housing and care benefits that you receive.


Declare other income

Do you or your partner have other income besides the income that is garnished? If so, you must declare this to the bailiff. This applies even if you are unmarried or if you are married out of community of property.

You must declare your partner’s income, in particular, if you are requested to do so. If you fail to do so, the bailiff may decide to halve your protected earnings level. This means that a greater portion of your income will be withheld and not paid to you.



Important: give notice of any changes

If your family situation or income changes, this can affect your protected earnings level. Always notify the bailiff of any changes. If necessary, he will adjust the protected earnings level.

You can contact the bailiff to ask for your rights and obligations to be explained to you.

If you have financial problems that you can no longer resolve yourself, it is wise to seek help. Find out from your municipality which agencies can assist you.

Click here to calculate your personal protected earnings level. The calculation module is only available in Dutch.

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